41 minutes | Jan 28th 2021

6. What To Do When Your Goals Bore You (ft. Audrey LaMere)

Ever find yourself wondering if you’re fulfilling your purpose in life? Find yourself waking up day after day and not feeling energized and excited about your work? Well friend, you’re not alone here.  There comes moments in life when you’ve actually outgrown your current work. It doesn’t mean it’s bad work, or that you’re bad at it, but you’ve evolved and found a new purpose and fire in your life and you’re ready to explore that.  In this episode, Christa is bringing on guest speaker and superstar Sales Director Audrey LaMere. Audrey was a three time MVP  winner and sold more than $35 million in revenue as an individual contributor. She then listened to her inner voice and rose into sales leadership. As a sales leader she elevated her team from bottom in the nation to top rankings, commanded one of the highest team satisfaction score in the country, and is a leader for the Women’s Sales Network.  Audrey will be sharing with you the exact steps and strengths she used to overcome her ‘not good enough’ mindset and rise into a badass leader of others with a tremendous track record for success. 
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