14 minutes | Jan 21st 2021

5. Are you accidentally programming your mind for the worst case scenario?

Have you ever wondered why your money story or love story seems to stay the same? Regardless of things going on in your environment, your financial or relationship status seems to roll along at the similar pace as last year? Hey, if you can relate, join the party. There is NOTHING more frustrating then realizing you’re in a cycle of ‘stuck’ when it comes to money or love in your life (or anything!). And you know what? There IS an answer to how you navigate away from the old stories, and into new ones that bring excitement and adventure to your life. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? In this episode I dive into two stories, one money and one love, from people who were stuck, realized the prison they were in, and took an empowered stance to change their lives and live with new relationships to wealth and love. And hey, this is part of growth isn’t it? Finding the beliefs and habits no longer serving the YOU2.0™ life that you’re creating.
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