25 minutes | Jan 7th 2021

2. How To Reach $100 Million in Sales According to a Humble Midwest Guy Who Did It (ft. Tim Smith)

Have you ever thought that achieving massive sales success for your business can only be done by sales superstars who grew up in, you know, the right families with all of the right connections? Well, you’re not alone.  Just because you may not be crushing personal sales goals, you may only be a few tweaks away from having the best year of your life.  In this episode, Christa interviews Tim Smith, legendary salesman extraordinaire for a Fortune 500 company. He broke all of the records, and then broke them again and again and again. He’s humble, kind, and wasn’t given his success. But through awareness to the right attitudes and mindset, he built his empire and retired a decade earlier than most of his peers.  And, hey, Tim’s also going to share with the best practices he cultivated for pre and post sales call note taking, how to evaluate your performance, and how you need to train your mind to think during a crisis that negatively impacts your business. Are you ready?   Snag his book, Loyalty Based Selling here.
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