59 minutes | May 23, 2020

"It's OK Just to Start": Yoga for Black Lives and the Sweetness of Life

Stephanie Hicks (she/her/hers) grew up dancing and says that “movement has always been an important part of my life...and closely connected to spirituality for me.” In the midst of grief that followed the sudden death of her mother and the extreme stress that accompanies grad school, Stephanie wondered if “that yoga thing” she had dabbled in before could be helpful in some way. Eventually, “trying to find or trying to connect to a sense of stability” led her back to the practice with more regularity. She’s learned through her practice that it’s “only through living your life” that one can understand it’s meaning and “sweetness.” To that, she says, “it’s ok to just keep living.” And when it comes to yoga, and what she wants other people to know about the practice she says, “It’s ok just to start.” Stephanie is currently faculty at the Program in Intergroup Relations and the creator of Yoga for Black Lives.Check out the Yoga Praxis blog for more content - www.RISEeducationandconsulting.com/blog . If you’d like to support me and the Yoga Praxis podcast you can visit www.RISEeducationandconsulting.com/pay .Find out more about Yoga for Black Lives http://www.yogaforblacklives.com/.Full disclosure - I am still working out some kinks with the podcast. Stay tuned for episode #4 for way better audio! 
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