45 minutes | Aug 28, 2020

All Movement Practice is Connected: A conversation with Kei Kaimana

Kei Kaimana (they/them/theirs) can't remember the first time they practiced yoga, but they can tell you the first time they refused to! Growing up in a household where Ashtanga yoga, martial arts, and Ayurveda were used as the primary healing modalities, Kei rebelled. Fast forward to now: they've returned to their yoga practice, but this time on their own terms, and with profound clarity and wisdom. We talk about how white people like to move really fast, pandemic practicing, how all movement practice is connected, and how the binary made Kei sick. Lots of *snaps* moments in this episode.  If you’d like to support me and the Yoga Praxis podcast you can visit www.RISEeducationandconsulting.com/pay .
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