49 minutes | Mar 3, 2021

Rand Fishkin on building a business in the online marketing world

These are the topics that Rand and Joost talk about in this episode, with minutes indicating when that topic comes up in the recording:1:37 - What is SparkToro3:52 - Building an online marketing business11:16 - Are the current big SEO tools competing for the same audience and does that make specialization the way to go?14:43 - The maturity of the SEO space: pay attention and you'll notice the cycle 17:09 - There's no SEO in SparkToro's marketing21:08 - How SparkToro's audience comparison tool works23:15 - Rand introduces a new SparkToro feature that will show a change in audience interest over time24:28 - Publicly launching minimal viable features versus the complete feature?26:37 - How to market new features: target the mass or seek amplifiers?32:47 - 'Old' SEO and marketing principles that still are applicable today and probably will be forever35:26 - How Rand got such a big Twitter following and how reach and engagement work for him40:09 - Rand's most important channels45:23 - Joost explains WordProof
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