41 minutes | Mar 31, 2021

Phil Nottingham on improving your online video strategy

Phil Nottingham is a video and brand marketing specialist. In this episode, Joost and Phil will cover the following topics related to video SEO and online video strategy. Timestamps indicate when the topic comes up in the recording.Topics3:37 - What makes Video SEO so hard?6:40 - Scaling up with video10:26 - Hosting your videos on YouTube15.16 - Combining multiple content forms in a strategy18:17 - Video strategies for Facebook 20:00 - Facebook live and YouTube live 21:55 - Long-form live video content23:57 - General applicable forms of video content27.05 - Acting tips30:05 - Using an autocue or not?33.00 - Technical side of Video SEO 38.40 - How Phil keeps up with video developments
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