45 minutes | Jul 21, 2021

Marcus Tandler on making the internet carbon neutral and the importance of website UX

Marcus and Joost will cover the following topics during this episode, with timestamps indicating when the topic comes up:2:01 - What do Ryte and Marcus do? 5:19 - How website UX is important for SEOs8:37 - How the field of SEO changed into holistic SEO14:14 - What Ryte does to make the internet more carbon neutral18:35 - Blocking crawlers to save energy21:51 - Where is Ryte going in the next few years?23:51 - A good thing about the differentiating of SEO tools 28:50 - How Ryte predicts important KPIs35:46 - Is website speed a big ranking factor?  38:09 - Discover the patterns in Core Web Vital updates
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