44 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

Jes Scholz on SEO beyond Google Search

What if your target audience is located in a market that only knows the internet as Facebook or where Opera Mini is the main browser? Jes Scholz (International Digital Director at Ringier) will share her global experience and simultaneously make you aware of the small and much closer-to-home SEO tactics that will lead to owning a topic. Yes, a topic, not a keyphrase! That's one key takeaway from this episode for you already.These are the topics that Jes and Joost talk about in this episode, with minutes indicating when that topic comes up in the recording:1:55 - What the online marketing looks like in markets without Google and Apple4:50 - How Jes sees and uses Google Discover for her clients9:10 - The perfect knowledge graph is the one that connects your brand's entities to topics that interest your audience16:40 - Influencing the knowledge graph (and the perks of being a publisher)19:30 - Is investing in Google Discover worth it?23:47 - How to deal with all different image sizes on platforms like Google Discover and social media?27:44 - What role does Google Lens play in the Google ecosystem?34:25 - The importance of Schema and API for news and e-commerce sites, but also sites in other industries in the future
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