112 minutes | Feb 26th 2020

Pete's Fantasy Suites Episode Recap - The Bachelor Season 24

In this recap of Pilot Pete's 9th aka The Fantasy Suite episode of The Bachelor, we're talking about:

-- Pete and Madison's disconnect around sex and what we thought of the whole conversation and communication around this important topic

-- What an ultimatum actually is and if Madi deserves being compared to Luke P. from Hannah's season

-- Hannah Ann's empathy and compassion for Peter and how she set herself apart (intentional or not) by providing him the empathy she did

-- Victoria's fantasy suite date and how "everything about [their] relationship is great, except for the communication." .... and much more


Many of The Bachelor franchise’s existing recap episodes are hosted by current or previous contestants of the show. While they do offer incredible insights on HOW the show works (which is super awesome), they, unfortunately, don’t have the best handle on actual relationship skills, mental health, or intimacy—and how those factors could affect their ‘performance’ on the show. That’s where we step in. We’re jumping into the conversation to talk about REAL relationship skills through the framework of a reality TV show… about relationships.

The Wright Reasons is your Bachelor equivalent of a Sports Center recap of last night’s game. Real talk. Real analysis. Real experts. Real-ish television. Let’s discuss Peter Weber, The Bachelor, and all things Bachelor Nation together.


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