128 minutes | Aug 14th 2019

PARADISE Week 2 Recap - A Break From Blake

Week 2 of Bachelor in Paradise is complete and we're ready to recap. Today we're talking about:
  • Saying goodbye to Annalise, Bibiana, and Jane
  • The double-standard of objectification (and why we think it's not cool on either side)
  • Jordan's entrance and into Paradise & how we feel about his date with Nicole, commentary with Demi, and general presence in Paradise
  • Caelynn's experience with Mike and Dean -- and her interaction with the other women 
  • Why it's frustrating to watch people focus on other people instead of themselves
  • Cam, Cam's edit, and Cam's -- Cam
  • Why Katie has become one of our favorites
  • The dynamic between Clay, Nicole, and Christian
  • Blake, Dylan, and Hannah (we got a break from this for the most part compared to the first week, but some shit still went down)
  • Derek & Demi and their conversation

.... and much more

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