25 minutes | Dec 8th 2019

POST-CRISIS Reaction Part One!

Part-1 of the 5-Part DC Mega-Crossover, Crisis On Infinite Earths has arrived! Superhero Scholars and Comic Book Experts, Paul and Paul Sr. sit down to give you their immediate reaction to the first installment of this superhero extravaganza! Worlds will live, worlds will die! Heroes will live, heroes will die! What did the guys think of the first chapter of Crisis? What were their favorite scenes? What shocked and surprised these two superhero super-fans? Listen and find out! Because the guys love a good comic book epic, this is the first of several reaction podcasts they’ll be recording, with the next “Post-Crisis” podcast dropping Tuesday night, after the guys watch Part-3 of Crisis On Infinite Earths! Thanks for listening! Enjoy!