81 minutes | Jun 10, 2019

Dark PhoeniX: We Watched It So You Don’t Have To! You’re Welcome.

After nearly 20 years of filmmaking (some spectacular, some pretty lousy) The X-Men film saga comes to a close with Dark Phoenix. Instead of going out with a bang, the series goes out like a wispy fart. In this episode, Paul and co-host Ryan McDonald go over the final X-Men film to be made with FOX before the characters are next seen, reborn in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s technically a SPOILER filled episode, but there’s really nothing to spoil, in this shallow, uninspired, wet shit of a movie. The movie doesn’t even have the courtesy to be a really terrible mess, because then, AT LEAST, it would be fun to talk about. However, this podcast is damn entertaining as Paul & Ryan go over this blah, forgettable, nothing of a movie. Thanks for listening! Enjoy!
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