58 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

S2 Ep15 | Developing More Empathy Through Long Term Travel | Lucas Spiegel

Click for the shownotesLucas is the author of a new book called Weight of Empathy. This travel memoir will tell you what happens when you leave everything and everyone you know behind,  take a one-way flight across the ocean and continue by food, train, bus, rickshaw motorbike, and ferry until you've circled around Earth? That's what Lucas decided to find out in early 2016.What started as an ambitious plan to travel the world for twenty-two months became a transformative exploration of our relationship with animals, food, and each other. The story of this journey makes for an impassioned and personal plea for a kinder more just merciful world.A long trip like this is a dream for so many of us and his style of travel is really very attractive indeed. In this podcast, we talked about how such a trip was possible and traveling on budget-friendly, as well as the highlights from his adventure!I'm a vegan travel addict and I can't get enough of this book. It would make the perfect gift for my vegan friends who love to experience new cultures.Make sure you check it out at www.weightofempathy.com
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