26 minutes | Mar 7, 2019

EP-8: Chat with Claudiu Leverenz from Munevo Drive that enables hands-free control of the wheelchair

Munevo Drive story has started back in 2015 when its founders were still students. After successful completion of a school project, they have received an opportunity to develop it into a life-changing device. In this episode, Claudiu tells us about the milestones they have already achieved and the milestones that are yet to come, including distribution, globalization of the product, and reimbursement. He also shares his inspiration for building a hardware startup and how important it is to be driven by the idea to help people. Besides that, we discuss probably the most undervalued channels for support, universities and governments, and how founders can benefit from collaborating with them. As startup success is highly dependable on the cities’ startup ecosystem, Claudio gives a pitch about Munich’s ecosystem. Listen, enjoy and share it! This episode is sponsored by the ANSYS STARTUP PROGRAM that gives startups access to the world’s leading simulation tool and assists in building a virtual prototype. Find out more here: https://ansys.startupblink.com Also, join our online community of hardware founders on Telegram: https://t.me/hardwareiot
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