38 minutes | Dec 21, 2018

EP-4: Mechanical systems prototyping with Andy Lee from Sienci Labs

Sienci Labs aims to create low-cost mechanical systems for rapid prototyping tools like CNC machines, 3D printers, and laser cutters accessible for both technical and non-technical makers. In this episode we discuss Sienci Labs origin story that goes back to the study years, as well as their first product of Sienci Mill One and its future, why hardware startups are so challenging, their personal Kickstarter campaign, and what would Andy changed in his path if back then he knew what he does know. He also shares some really interesting insights from his first steps to the entrepreneurship. So, please, enjoy this extremely interesting chat with Andy Lee and be sure to check out their breaking new ground products at sienci.com This episode is sponsored by the ANSYS STARTUP PROGRAM that gives startups access to the world’s leading simulation tool and assists in building a virtual prototype. Find out more here: https://ansys.startupblink.com Also, join our online community of hardware founders on Telegram: https://t.me/hardwareiot
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