37 minutes | May 3, 2018

EP-3: Fantastic episode with Zheng Han and Lazar Demin of Onion, makers of the Omega 2 Internet of Things Computer, and the Oboo Smart Clock

Onion is an exciting startup with a strong team of creators who are working hard to democratize access to IoT devices for all makers. Whether you are a student, startup founder or IoT enthusiast, Onion’s products are a game changer.  On this episode, Lazar, Zheng, and I discuss Onion’s origin story, their successful kickstarter campaign, how to manage business-side pressures while focusing on product engineering, favorite books, and the philosophy of Ned Flanders - yes that is a Simpsons character and the connection is an awesome one! Please Enjoy this highly entertaining chat with Lazar and Zheng and make sure to check out their innovative products at Onion.io.
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