61 minutes | Apr 7, 2021

#60 Post Production in Broadcast News Media and Advances in Editing Workflows with Robert Lawson, Director of Technology, News Editing, CBS News

The Workflow Show is also available on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Amazon, YouTube Subscribe on Castos In this episode of The Workflow Show, Ben and Jason have the privilege of interviewing industry veteran, Robert Lawson, Director of Technology, News Editing at CBS News. With over 20 years of experience, Robert brings a refreshing perspective about the common struggles of new tech in 2021, versus the transitions in broadcast media of the past, such as the move from analog and linear editing. The quick pace and stringent ethics of news reporting create separate challenges for post-production compared to feature film, network series, and others. Ben and Jason discuss with Robert important tools and workflows that help with the unique needs of news media.   Episode Highlights:  Discuss the new moves to collaboration in The Cloud in the state of editing, and the previous transition from analog to linear  Discuss the differences between a new media editing environment for broadcast news and other types of productions Cover Robert’s background and extensive experience in the industry  Talk about a build versus buy approach to a media workflow    About Robert Lawson, Director of Technology, News Editing at CBS News: Robert has over 20 years of experience as a Film & Television post-production professional; including daily national news television broadcast, independent long-form documentary production, hi-end digital finishing for all television networks. He has a wealth of expertise in planning, budgeting, design, management, and implementation of digital media systems and infrastructure. Robert was Chair, Avid Customer Association Services & Support Advisory Board, 2015–2016. Board Member since 2014. He has a comprehensive knowledge of non-linear editing, specializing in Avid hardware and software operation and maintenance. He is Avid ACSR Elite for Editor, ISIS, and Interplay Production.   More From CHESA and The Workflow Show: Episode 51 Workflow In the Cloud – Creativity Drives Innovation – A Talk with Michael Cioni Social Media Share Button IG, Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook
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