42 minutes | Aug 13, 2020

#52 Creativity Driving Innovation, a talk with Michael Cioni

In the second half of our interview with Michael Cioni of Frame.io, Ben and Jason ask Michael about his background and the sights he saw in filmmaking along the way. They discuss Michael’s trip to be featured at Cannes, despite his college’s wishes. Michael details the lessons he’s learned from mentors about adapting to changing tech and looking for innovation in an industry that can be slow to change its tools. Finally, Jason and Ben explore with Michael what the creative contributes to the building and designing of production and post production workflows and digital film production, in order to make editors and filmmakers excited about their process.   Highlights: Michael details his journey from college to Cannes, Light Iron to Panavision, and today at Frame.io The risks and benefits of moving against traditional tech to pursue innovation that changes the industry, even   when big players don’t recognize what’s coming Huge changes to the filmmaking industry: cameras, workflows, storage and tech digital, film and video production and post production workflow Discussion on why the creative is such an important piece of tech innovation - how they use tools influences design   If you love The Workflow Show and want to reach out, email us at workflowshow@chesa.com or check us out on Twitter @chesapro
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