44 minutes | Jun 8, 2021

In Episode 124, Lindsey Jaroszek and Tracy King-Garappolo describe Workamping jobs in the western states with Aramark Hospitality

Aramark contracts with a number state and national parks to provide hospitality services at Olympic National Park in Washington, Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, South Lake Tahoe in California, and Lake Powell National Recreation Area at the Arizona/Utah border. Some resorts hire people to work at the front desk, provide concierge services or do housekeeping jobs. Other sites hire workers to engage guests in various activities or to lead tours. Some resorts need Workampers in the food and beverage operations, while others serve as campground hosts and in retail centers, like gift shops and grocery stores. There are a few jobs available for bus drivers and experienced boat captains, and all the locations need some type of maintenance help.
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