31 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

Carol Lempert Talks About Optimizing Your Presentation Skills Like a Movie Star

In this episode, Carol Lempert, who has featured in such movies as Bless The Child as well as TV Seris, The Wonderful World of Disney brings her enchanting personality from the Movie Screens to the boardroom.She has built an intriguing career helping people understand and build better communication skills so that they can become promotable and become great team leaders.She shares her experience on how she started to use her acting and storytelling skills to help people overcome stage fright. This has been a major driving force and I can tell that it creates a big sense of fulfillment for carol when she helps anyone become better speakers, storytellers, and better performers in from of a screen especially as we are in this COVID-era.I totally enjoyed talking with Carol and I assure you that you all will also enjoy this episode.To connect with Carol, use any of the links below:WebsiteLinkedInFacebookTwitter
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