56 minutes | Feb 17, 2021

TWIR 2.17.21 Signposts in the Wilderness: Lent Self-Reflection(Ash Wednesday)

For special episodes of The Word is Resistance, listen in as podcast contributors join in self-reflection in community with each other. What can we learn from each other - from our mistakes and misperceptions, from our places of pain and also our places of joy, which can guide us in this time as white Christians working for racial justice? For our first conversation, Rev. Anne Dunlap, Nichola Torbett, and Rev. Margaret Ernst, reflect on Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21, this years New Testament text for Ash Wednesday. The late Dr. Vincent Harding, elder and leader in the Black freedom movement, often spoke of “live human signposts” - people in our lives who can help us find the way towards greater wholeness and multiracial democracy. This Lent, we look towards each other, to the scripture, and to the live human signposts in each of our lives, to guide our path forward. For an awesome Lenten resource, subscribe to and make a donation to support Black Lent from The Good Neighbor Movement in Greensboro, North Carolina: tiny.cc/BlackLent, a Daily Devotional featuring 40 Black writers who are inspired by and embody the Black prophetic tradition.
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