29 minutes | Jan 23, 2021

Claiming the Good News: Together, We Can End White Christian Nationalism

Rev. Margaret Ernst celebrates the Black, indigenous, and people of color-led movements and multi-racial coalitions which under Trumpian tyranny, succeeded in getting him out of office and which have put racial justice at the center of national public policy. In the spirit of that celebration and with belief in what can happen when we organize with clarity and purpose, she invites White Christians into supporting these movements for the long-haul and to align our own political strategy to stop how our identities as White Christians are weaponized to keep powers and principalities in place that hurt us all. "Take a breath. The Good News of a world without White Christian Supremacy is real. It may seem impossible. But that’s what faith is for." To learn more, explore the work of Political Research Associates, Catalyst Project, and SURJ's recent webinar "White Backlash" with Robin D.G. Kelly, available on SURJ's Facebook page from 1/13: https://www.facebook.com/ShowingUpForRacialJustice Meanwhile, Take action to become a community co-sponsor of the BREATHE Act: https://breatheact.org/ and check out SURJ Faith's toolkit "Community Safety for All" at https://www.showingupforracialjustice.org/community-safety-campaign.html
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