11 minutes | Nov 5, 2020

Douglas Bischoff says " Merry Christmas To All The World"

In this episode of The wonderground podcast, the host Ocean Hill  shares a Q&A session  from a very special guest, a man of many different talents, CEO of OPUS Db MUSIC, songwriter and composer of "Merry Christmas to All the World"  O'cean's mentor and teacher, Mr. Douglas Bischoff also known as Mr. B.Mr. B starts his story by talking about his collaboration  with O'cean  on "Merry Christmas to All the World " and opens up about his life and early beginnings of  his career. He speaks about his company Opus Db Music and tells us about the musical journey with Ocean Hill that started 38 years st ago. He opens up about the inspiration behind the christmas song andhis favorite composers, instruments he plays and go's into detail about his music in general and he also confirms that there's more material to come. He talks about his legacy through his children  &  he tells us  about his lessons that he has learned through out his  journey of life. Connect with Mr. B: dbchorale@aol.comConnect with Ocean: Listen to more episode: https://www.oceanhillmusic.com/Social media: https://www.instagram.com/thewondergroundpodcast/
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