30 minutes | Sep 14th 2020

#92: Gabby Bernstein's Fertility Journey and Tools for Navigating Difficult Times

This weeks guest is Gabby Bernstein! Gabby is a motivational Speaker and New York Times best selling author. In this episode she discusses her fertility journey, her hypnobirthing experience, the difficulties she went through with postpartum anxiety and depression and having TMS (and curing It), through the work of Dr. John Sarno and Nicole Sachs. She also gives many useful tools for navigating difficult times. Gabby's Recommended Resources: 1) You Are the Guru - an Audible original by Gabby Bernstein 2) Gabby's Anxiety Relief Workshop Contact Gabby: website - www.gabbybernstein.com instagram - @gabbybernstein “The moment that we say there has to be a better way, we open an invisible door" - Gabby Bernstein ________ Become a Member of The V Hive: www.thevhive.com/memberships ________ If you want to get in touch with The V Hive, please send an e-mail to info@thevhive.com. ________ Follow The V Hive: INSTAGRAM - @thevhive TWITTER - @thevhive_ FACEBOOK - @thevhivemedia WEBSITE - www.thevhive.com