49 minutes | Sep 24, 2020

S2 EP 18: Julie Foucht - The Art of Feminine Marketing

When Julie Foucht decided she needed to take her coaching business seriously, she hired a high end coach and learned to ‘market like a man.’ She doubled, then tripled her income in less than a year, but felt drained, uninspired and restless. She created a new way that aligned with her as a woman, The Art of Feminine Marketing. Today, Julie teaches female coaches, teachers and healers how to build 6-figure businesses through the Art of Feminine Marketing. She received her coach certification from The Coaches Training Institute, has served on the boards of numerous non-profits, and was named Woman of the Year by the Professional Women’s Network of the Monterey Peninsula in 2013. She is married to the love of her life, has 4 children, 2 stepchildren, 2 furry babies and 7 spoiled grandchildren. In this episode of The Woman of Value Podcast: - Why women don't thrive when they 'market like a man' - How women can find their unique voice in marketing - How finding your unique brand will help your business grow by leaps and bounds - The 'aha' moment that inspired Julie to create this way of marketing
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