40 minutes | Mar 19, 2020

S2 EP 11: Felicia Rubinstein - Engineering a Better Way to Work

HAYVN Founder Felicia Rubinstein is a true trailblazer, starting her career as an engineer at GE and Apple before “Women in STEM” was a movement. She thrived at the Fortune 500 companies, working there for more than a decade. When Rubinstein wanted a flexible work schedule after her first son was born, she asked Apple for it—and got it—pioneering one of the company’s first-ever job share programs. Eventually she left to start her own business and forge a new path: engineering a better way to work. In this episode of The Woman of Value Podcast: - Why it's important to follow your dreams - How Felicia created HAYVN, a co-working space primarily for women - Why you need a strong support system and how to create it - A whole new definition of leadership - Empowering others to shine And much more!
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