63 minutes | Aug 8th 2019

S1 EP 5: Denise Soler Cox – From Identity Crisis To Mission-Based Entrepreneur

Denise Soler Cox is a Filmmaker, Speaker and Co-creator of Project Enye (ñ), an accomplished, mission-based entrepreneur and motivational speaker turned film director. Fueled by her identity crisis as a first-generation American Latina born to Puerto Rican parents in New York, Denise struggled to fit into her surroundings. Straddling two cultures - the Puerto Rican lifestyle at home and the American dream, Denise experienced firsthand the challenges, compromises and inequalities that many sons and daughters of Spanish-speaking immigrants go through every day.

In 2012, she connected with Henry Ansbacher, a Denver-based Oscar-nominated filmmaker, and together they are giving this cultural issue an international stage through Project Enye (ñ). You'll hear Denise's story, about why she decided to make a movie about her identity crisis, even though she had no experience with filmmaking. This is a story of courage, passion, and making dreams come true!