16 minutes | Jul 21st 2011

Tales From The Stand Up Chameleon

Adventures in time, space and public houses. The multi dimensional adventures of Jib Longwilly and Swanky Morris, Jabberlique and Smiggleb Banjax, as they attempt to set things right in all dimensions. Along with other tales from the “Stand Up Chameleon” an Inn in the small town of Nexus that stands at the insection of all the worlds. The first chapter read by Wizardmarra with background music “Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis” by Ralph Vaughan Williams. In which all worlds are created, and we meet some of our protagonists (The Young) Jib Longwilly, the yet to become an undead Morris Continue reading Tales From The Stand Up Chameleon→The post Tales From The Stand Up Chameleon appeared first on Alan Whittaker is The Wizardmarra.Related posts:FROM PEDALS TO PODCAST WIZARDMARRAS DRYSTONE WIRELESS SHOW REVIEW OF 2008 WIZARDMARRAS DRYSTONE WIRELESS SHOW 7. There’s a fella with a BIG NOSE on it.
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