64 minutes | May 6th 2019

S3E10 Five crops not to grow in your garden, The impact of intensive gardening Author Kelly Smith Trimble The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener radio show

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Topics: Joey and Holly talks Talk about 5 plants they would suggest you not grow in your garden and why 5 crops you should not grow in your garden and why Mint Bamboo Corn Dill perennial plants don’t grow strawberries in containers In segment 2 Joey and Holly talk about The impact of intensive gardening intensive gardening is a more extreme form of companion planting gardening that is space saving and efficient. There are many methods of intensive gardening that can include traditional rows, container planting or intensive mound group planting. Most incorporate some form of companion planting, however. The advantage of intensive gardening is the amount of garden space it saves. Intensive gardening grown in containers can be a way for even the urban dweller with no garden space whatsoever to enjoy fresh produce grown on their patio or deck. Square foot gardening is a commonly used method of intensive gardening that most often uses a box divided into one-square-foot growing compartments. A tomato plant for example, may require the sole use of a compartment, while crops like carrots can be seeded over the entire area. Intensive gardening done in containers on the patio may include a potted tomato to a variety of lettuces and spinach grown together in a container. Intensive gardening can also be used with the vertical garden and would include vegetables grown in trays suspended in rows on the side of a house, apartment or fence. Succession planting is another way to use intensive gardening. In this method, vegetable varieties are planted in succession as the previous crop fades by simply being planted in the spot vacated by the previous crop. Corn grown following the harvest of cold weather peas is an example succession planting. In segment 3 Joey and Holly talk with their guest Kelly Smith Trimble of http://kellysmithtrimble.com/. She is an author, editor, and huge vegetable gardening advocate. She lives in Knoxville, TN and recently her book, Vegetable Gardening Wisdom hit the shelves. 1. You like to use lettuce as a mulch - how does that work? 2.Some people swear by the use of compost tea - what is compost tea? Is there good or bad compost tea? How does one apply this to their garden? 3.We’re approaching tomato growing season in the upper midwest - what is your go to tomato tip that would apply for us and what is a tip for those who already have tomatoes in the ground? 4.What a recent mistake you made in your vegetable garden you know you shouldnt have done but did anyway? 5.We dont use a mechanical tiller but do use a garden fork - are you a tiller or no-tiller? How do you feel about tilling? 6.Where can we find your book and more about you? Segment 4 Joey and Holly answer gardeners questions Q: What light transmission row cover should I buy for melon,squash, watermelon? I need one for spring when I transplant them out, and one for fall, Sept 14 is our 1st frost date. So they dont freeze. Can I get a cover that I can use in spring and fall? Or do they need to be 2 seperate kinds? A: one kind for spring and fall here is a link that talks more about them https://extension.umd.edu/hgic/topics/floating-row-cover Heavy-weight FRCs (1.5-2.2 oz./sq. yd.) are usually used to extend the growing season in spring and fall, allow 50%-70% light transmittance, and 4º-10ºF. of frost protection. If the cold won’t drop below 26° F, take advantage of AG-30 row covers. At 0.9 oz. per square yard they give warmth to your plants and transmit 70% of the sunlight. The balancing act is more sunlight, slightly less warmth. You can also find cover on amazon Q:what is a scoby? 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