52 minutes | Jul 15, 2019

Episode 5 - What Customer Service with Lucas Henrich - The Wing Podcast

For our fifth podcast we interviewed Lucas Henrich.  Our podcasts are real, raw, and uncut.  Just to warn you the audio does cut out a few times.  We stay authentic and won't polish or overly edit our podcasts to be something that we are not.  Lucas Henrich owns a DJ Entertainment company in Central Illinois.  We ask the questions that most are too afraid to ask or answer.  Lucas was a great interview and has awesome insights to help any business in the services industry! Some Notable Questions: What does Customer Service mean to you? Service before self! Giving mentality.   Do you recommend any books, podcasts, radio shows, or websites? Customer Service from A to Z Larry Williams, The best wedding reception ever Peter Merry, What customers Crave from Nicholas Webb Do you have a Mastermind? Yes, with the North American Collective. Group of North American Wedding Designers, that are the creme de la creme. In story telling, wedding/life events.   I don't want to give away all the details so give it a listen! Check out all the Podcasts on our website and sign up for our newsletter too
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