77 minutes | Jan 20th 2019

193 - A Last Minute Guest

This week it’s Bill, Bob, Uncle Jay returns and a previous guest pops up in the last third! First up,Tom from MySpace is to blame for everything… And stroll down the internet super memory highway. In the news: PSA from Bill on the mother of all email breaches, Ghostbusters 3 trailer, Highlander news, Evil Superman, Iron Man writers drafting He-Man… And then we dream cast it! Then “Uncle Jay Watch 2019!” Meanwhile: Punisher, Future Man Season Two, True Detective Season Three, Vice, and Glass. CHATGAME: #ForgottenSegalFilms EXAMPLES: PunchToKill, Ponytail Of Death Emails… A trilogy from one listener, a “what’s the worst” question, and which animated character would we dominate the world with? This is The Wicked Theory Podcast, and for that, we apologize. But thanks for listening! Hear us every Monday wherever good podcasts are given away for free or LISTEN LIVE every Saturday at 7 pm eastern until … whenever! (On desktop just go to http://Mixlr.com/wicked-theory  or download the FREE Mixlr app and search for us! Join the chatroom and click the “FOLLOW” button for reminders when the show goes live!) Support our humble endeavors for as little as just $1 a month with other reward tiers available! http://patreon.com/wickedtheory Follow the guys on twitter: Bill (@WickedTheory)  Dom (@Dom_Torre)  Bob (@BobWTPC)  Ed (@EdwardOHareTBD)  Jay (@UncleJaysThing) and Provisional Remote Assistant Producer @AgentPalmer Still bored? Check out WickedTheory.com and visit our YouTube Channel and join our FB Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/500230130359994/
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