62 minutes | Mar 16th 2021

S2 E2 - The Boulder in the Bathtub

Executive Scheduling Associates’ founder and CEO Mitch Santala talks to ER physician and entrepreneur, Jeremy Corbett, about his three start-up companies and the paths he took for each of them. The Whole Enchilada Team then discusses the interview and how it applies to their own journeys. Mitch begins the episode by asking Jeremy about his entrepreneurial journey, taking us back to the mid-80s and a profound and oddly specific letter 13-year-old Jeremy wrote to himself. Jeremy goes on to talk about baseball as an analogy for entrepreneurialism and Mitch asks him to further comment on the three tenets of The Whole Enchilada: the place, the path, and the person. Jeremy uses the word opaque to describe part of his path and then moves on to talk about being a physician during a worldwide pandemic – how it’s expanded, rather than restricted, his reach in helping others. Mitch and Jeremy discuss getting to the place, or the destination, and what to do then. Jeremy even ponders if it’s right for him to continue moving even after the goal is achieved. He uses his sons’ golf course business as an example to further illustrate his point. There’s also a humorous story about Jeremy’s dad, also a doctor, and what he said to Jeremy when he couldn’t decide if he was going to finish medical school or not. Jeremy makes a point that answers can change depending on the timing of the question. Mitch asks Jeremy to talk about seeing a goal from concept through fruition and Jeremy gets real about his strengths and weaknesses. He makes a great point about why ice cream geniuses should not open butcher shops. Mitch and Jeremy end their conversation on entrepreneurialism by discussing surrounding yourself with the right people, not just filling in the gaps with any old belly button. Our signature question, “Where are we going for Mexican food and what are we having?” takes us travelling back in time to Davis Island, FL, when Estella’s Restaurant was still open. Young Jeremy and his bride are feeling the financial tightness most new marriages experience, so we order tortilla soup, guacamole, and chips…and leave the restaurant with a bill less than $11 (including tip). Table Talk: Mitch is joined by Gil Moegerle, Erin Pruetz, and Isaac the Former Intern. Mitch asks The Whole Enchilada team what stuck out of the interview for them and Erin chimes in with her experience of putting someone in a position simply because they were willing, not because they were the right fit. Gil had a similar experience when he started a band. Isaac takes the interview very personally as someone who is just starting out in his career. He says that Jeremy’s ideas about there being more risk in not doing something than there is in not trying hits home with him, reinforcing Isaac to not stay comfortable in the dugout. He recalls Season 1 guest, Brett Collins, who said he is not afraid of the word no because “it’s not like they can eat you.” Gil shares a story about his own failure when someone gave him capital to start a business and that while it was hard to admit defeat, he is still pleased that he gave it a shot. Mitch ends the episode by reminding listeners that there is an entrepreneur in all of us (does he or she look like Baby Yoda?) and that there is no better way to add value to your world than by letting him or her come alive. About Our Sponsor: Executive Scheduling Associates employs 120 professional schedulers filling the sales calendars of 500 financial wholesalers across North America. And we now provide short-term services dispositioning event and cold contact lists. Ask us for details at esasolutions.com. Subscribe to our podcast on Apple, Spotify, Google, and Stitcher. Follow us: Website Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Twitter
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