68 minutes | Aug 5th 2020

Why We Need To Seek Failure & How to Perform Under Stress with Navy SEAL Commander, Jack Riggins

Hey Everyone! This week, we have a very special episode to share with you. We had the honor to sit down and chat with Retired Navy SEAL Commander & Co-Founder of Performance Mountain, Jack Riggins 

 In this episode, we talk to Commander Riggins about his Navy SEAL journey and some of the most important take-away’s from his training and combat experience that we all can use find success in our own space.

 We also chat about the power of failure and why more people need to be looking to fail in order to grow. Commander Riggins also shares some great insight into his military mindset and explains why your mind is your most powerful weapon. 

 Have you ever been in a stressful situation and completely lost control ? Were unable to accomplish what you needed to get done? We asked Commander Riggins about how he performed under pressure as a Navy SEAL and how we can use those same tactics to help us when things get out of control and overwhelming. 

 We also discuss the importance of learning to adapt to your situation, and why you best assest is your ability to effectively communicate. 

 All of this and much more on this week’s episode of The White Tiger Podcast.

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