52 minutes | Jul 21st 2020

The Power of You: Why You Need To Tell Your Story, Running Life’s Race & Being Your Own Hero

What’s good White Tiger’s ? Welcome to this week’s episode of The White Tiger Podcast. This week, Asante and Craig get back to business and have a one on one conversation about changing your mind, being resourceful, asking for help and the latest on big sports contracts, team name changes and much more. 

Craig and Asante also chat about how your life’s journey is very similar to running a race and why it’s not what happens at the beginning or the end of the race that really matters. 

Asante shares a personal football story about getting “called out” while in a team meeting and why that not only changed his perspective, but was one of the best things that ever happened to him. We also talk about seeking help during tough times, finding yourself in bad situations and why the only person that is going to bail you out is “YOU”.

Craig also shares a funny story about finding his way through a parenting dilemma and why we all need to share our own stories because they are much more powerful than you think.

We also chat NFL football, Patrick Mahomes big payday, The NBA Bubble, and our choice of team names for the Washington Redskins rebrand. 

All of this podcast insanity and more on this week’s episode of The White Tiger Podcast.

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