40 minutes | Oct 7th 2020

The Hall of Fame Underachiever w/ 8x Pro Bowler & 5x NFL All-Pro, Antonio Gates

GOAT Alert! This week we drop an amazing episode, with an AMAZING human being & one of the greatest tight end's in NFL History, Antonio Gates.❗❗⁠

⁠What is more impressive than being an 8x Pro Bowler, 5x NFL All-Pro and Future NFL Hall of Famer? For us, its no doubt..HIS STORY. ⁠

⁠Antonio's story is nothing short of incredible and he shares some amazing insight we don't think anyone has heard before. ⁠

⁠Antonio talks about his journey growing up in Detroit, to how he chose where he went to college at the 11th hour, to his fears, thoughts on underachieving and what "success" means to him. ⁠

⁠He also shares a very funny story about how NFL Hall of Famer & Former College Basketball Player, Tony Gonzalez chickened out of playing him in one-on-one basketball.⁠

You can also check out the complete video of our interview with Antonio on YouTube, also live this Wednesday, Oct 7th. ⁠

Check Antonio out on Twitter at https://twitter.com/antoniogates85?lang=en