66 minutes | Oct 21st 2020

Motivated to Be Great w/ Retired NFL Running Back, Danny Woodhead

What motivates you to be great? When the odds are stacked against you, how do you respond? In this episode of The White Tiger Podcast, we tackle these questions and more as  we sit down with the one and only, Danny Woodhead. 

Danny is not only a retried NFL Running Back, Podcaster, performance and team dynamics expert with Performance Mountain Training, but also one of the most authentic and abundant guys you will meet. 

In this episode, Danny shares some great insight about his football journey from playng at Division II Chadron State College, to going undrafted and later getting signed as a free agent with the New York Jets. 

Danny also talks about why there is only about five or six teams that actually want to win in the NFL right now. He also gives us an insider’s view into what it’s like to play football for the New England Patriots and the San Diego/LA Chargers.

He also shares a funny and personal story about a conversation he had with Coach Bill Belichick and…….. why he wanted to fight Tom Brady! Yep…Danny vs. Tom.

Danny also talks about some valuable lessons he learned from his father, the importance of being accountable, doing your job and always treating everyone with respect 

Check out this authentic, personal and very funny episode of The White Tiger Podcast.

You can also find out more about what Danny is up to on Instagram at: https://www.instagram.com/teamwoody39/?hl=en

Also Check out the Out of Nowhere Podcast that Danny co-hosts with Retired NFL Guard @mslauson68 at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/out-of-nowhere/id1499906901

He can also be found helping others achieve perusal and professional success at Performancemountain.com