59 minutes | Nov 4th 2020

Making The Most of Your Opportunity w/ 4X NFL Veteran, Kevin Greene

Making The Most of Your Opportunity w/ 4X NFL Veteran, Kevin Greene

During the course of our lives, we all face moments of opportunity. It’s typically what we do or don’t do during those moments that defines who we are and what we achieve. 

In this week’s episode, we sit down with a great friend and an amazing individual, who truly inspires us to always make the most of each opportunity we are presented with. His name is Kevin Greene.

Kevin is a former USC Trojan Alum and 4X NFL Veteran. He is current flexing the skills he acquired both on the field and off and is now making waves in the corporate sector with Salesforce.

Kevin chats with us about his atypical football journey and how he started playing football as a Junior in high school. 

He also shares the power of focusing on the present and seizing each opportunity presented, which ultimately helped him get recruited by the University of Southern California and subsequently find a spot the NFL. 

We also talk about managing the uncertainty of being a professional athlete and why you should always be letting people know who you are.

Kevin also shares his passion for cars, how he is sharing that passion with his community and why you may also find him chasing the latest sneaker drop or sharing his fitness journey on social media at #R3NTPAID 

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