48 minutes | Jan 20th 2021

How the Heck Do I Find a Mentor ? Life is Hard...Here is What You Can Do & Reaching Social Media Stardom

In this week’s episode, Asante and Craig talk about finding a mentor and why it is important to ask for help in order to achieve your personal and professional goals. 

Life is Hard, What’s the solution ? In our case, we believe it simply comes down to you.  How you think, how you act, react and so on.  We chat about why the most important game to master is your “Mental Game”.  We discuss why it is so important.... especially now!

We also dive into a great personal and professional hack that is a game changer when it comes to accomplishing what you need to get done all while saving time.

Go make Your Bed! It’s actually more empowering than most people think and this week we chat about why it’s the best start and end to your day.  

Want to become Insta-famous ? The next social media influencer ? We breakdown a quick tip to master before starting your journey to social media stardom.

Hear all of this and much more on the week’s episode of The White Tiger Podcast.

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