54 minutes | Jul 29th 2020

Having Faith & Courage: Managing What’s in Your Control & In Tom Brady We Trust

What’s good everybody and welcome to another fun filled, thought provoking episode of The White Tiger Podcast. 

This week, we dip back into a little NFL talk and shed some light on Asante’s NFL training wardrobe and why the New England Patriots equipment room wasn’t too giving, while the Los Angeles Chargers took giving to another level. 

We also talk about why Asante may be the only player we know of that has effectively dodged winning three Super Bowls, which makes us question if it was ever meant to be. 

Asante reveals some of Tom Brady’s pet peeves, what makes him successful from an insider perspective and why he is very respected within the sport and how that translates to success.

Why being fueled by faith and courage is so important on the road to success and most importantly getting through those tough times that life throws our way. 

We finally chat Kanye West, why his career is un-killable and why he’s going to be a future guest on The White Tiger Podcast.

All of this audio goodness and much more only on this week’s episode of the WTP.

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