55 minutes | Jul 15th 2020

Following Your Passion & Staying Authentic with Author & Int.Yoga Instructor, Candace Cabrera

Whats up White Tiger’s? This week we have the pleasure to bring you Candace Cabrera. She is an entrepreneur and the creator of YogaByCandace.com, one of the top yoga blogs. She also runs a popular YouTube channel and has her own yoga app. She is also the author of Namaslay: Rock Your Yoga Practice, Tap Into Your Greatness, & Defy Your Limits.

In this episode, Candace talks about her beginnings as a school teacher and how a serious battle with Lyme Disease changed her perspective on life and became a catalyst to pursue the life of her dreams. 

Candace also talks about her yoga journey and what inspired her to create her Yoga By Candace Blog, which later turned into a very successful on-line business. 

As a content creator, Candace also utilizes YouTube as a way to share her Yoga passion with with her subscribers through creating free weekly videos. Candace discusses how she stumbled across YouTube monetization as a way to make some money and how that has helped her increase business and grow her account to almost 300,000 subscribers. 

We also talk about the importance of following your passion and why staying authentic, honest and working from a place of intention is where the real magic happens.

Candace also reminds us that we all have to start somewhere and sheds some light on some things she wish she knew when she started her entreprenurial journey. 

We also chat about her book “Namaslay” and why having a deeper understating of cultural appropriation, inspired her to change her mindset and ultimately the use of the title. In addition to working towards a better understanding of race and culture. You call hear of this and a ton more on this powerful episode of The White Tiger Podcast. 

You can catch ups With Candace on her YouTube channel at: (YouTube.com/yogabycandace) 

YogaByCandace Official App, itunes.apple.com/us/app/yogabycandace-official-app/id1019379957?mt=8

and her popular blog at https://www.yogabycandace.com/