72 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Driving Your Destiny & Being Part of the Solution with the Founder of High End Development, Jim Metzger

"I simply do it, because they say I can’t”…powerful words from this week’s podcast guest. In this episode of the White Tiger Podcast we have the honor to sit down with an amazing individual with an equally amazing story. ⁣

Today, we introduce you to Jim Metzger. Jim is the President and Founder of High End Development, which has been a leader in the construction industry since 2006.⁣

What makes Jim’s story so unique is not so much his success, but his challenge. Jim grew up as a child of a single mom in a poverty stricken community in the San Fransisco Bay Area. While struggling with self-doubt as a kid, Jim battled with drug addiction, homelessness and eventually found himself doing time in prison. ⁣

Jim’s path eventually came to a point where he had to make choice to either continue to be part of the problem or make the decision to be part of the solution. Jim shares an amazing story about the power of perspective and how a making a conscious choice to change his behavior, ultimately change his life. ⁣

He also talks about why each of us need to have consequences in  life in order for us to focus on making the right choices and avoid continually making the wrong ones. ⁣

Jim also shares how he is giving back to the homeless community and why the skills and the lessons learned from the street, give them an advantage to finding significant success in life.⁣

Listen to this great conversation with Jim Metzger only on this week’s episode of the White Tiger Podcast.⁣