41 minutes | Aug 3, 2019


A STORY OF AN INSPIRING WOMAN... Join me as I introduce a woman who coaches and inspires myself every day, Leticia Campbell. She wanted change in her career life and had bigger dreams. Most people see having a steady nine to five job as security and the idea of leaving a “stable job” can be daunting. Leticia leaped full force into creating her online business and didn’t look back. This powerful woman has something that I believe makes or breaks an entrepreneur, and that’s persistence.  LETICIA CAMPBELL “I believe that every women deserves the right to be financially independent, so that she can design the life that she deserves. I am Leticia Campbell of campbellsuccessnetwork.com and coaches & service providers hire me to teach them how to package up their best work, launch it to the world so that they can generate more sales online. I’m also the Head Coach of the Sexy Brand Building Formula program and creator of the Sales Success Academy.” WORKING TO CREATE HER OWN DESTINY This amazing Mompreneur works with her babies by her side. I know all too well how this can be challenging at times, but oh so worth it. While busy inspiring other business owners to not give up she enjoys meals that are easy and ones that feed a crowd. That brings me to the number one recipe that fuels Leticia’s soul, Baked Ziti. Check out her recipe and our live interview where you’ll get to know this incredible business women and coach a bit more… --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/trina-marie/support
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