117 minutes | Sep 2, 2019

Ghost Hunting Ride

Episode 223: This episode brought to you by Helite, makers of the awesome Turtle 2 Airbag vest. They have a whole selection of vests, leather jackets, and ADV style jackets equipped with their no-nonsense airbag technology. We don't ride without it. Use code WHEELNERDS for a 10% discount when ordering!   And now for something completely different. Our guest this week is Miranda Young of Ghost Biker Explorations. She's a Harley-riding, paranormal investigator and on this week's show, we learn that Chuck is a giant nerd for ghost stuff. Miranda has her show on YouTube, where you can see her whole first season of episodes. She rides and investigates into the history and lore of small towns, abandoned landmarks, and historical sites while performing paranormal investigations to see if she can collect evidence of ghost activity. It's a pretty neat hook, and if nothing else, is a pretty cool way to learn some history of small town America. She's gearing up to release Season 2 of her show on October 1. Even if you're not into ghosts, like Todd, her show is interesting enough on the history side to draw you in. You can also find her on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/GhostBikerExplorations/       Wheelnerds stickers and keytags for sale! Check them out here!     CLASSIFIEDS: https://greenville.craigslist.org/pts/d/due-west-slingshot-motorcycle-bike-trike/6961413223.html https://lexington.craigslist.org/mcy/d/manchester-custom-trike-with-v6-auto/6947692455.html   Links: Ghost Biker YouTube Helite Moto Progressive International Motorcycle Shows https://womenssportbikerally.com/west-rally-2019/ Wheelnerd's Handy Inspection Checklist Joe Popp (musician) (He recorded the Dicks Dicks Dicks theme used in the beginning). RedPillJunkie (artist) Want to hear yourself on our show? Ridden a bike (like your own) and got an opinion? Got a cool piece of gear or farkle? Got a story? Know some jokes? Record an MP3 (or whatever) and email it to us at wheelnerds@gmail.com. We’ll throw it on the air and talk about it, too. That’s right, you can be the first on your block to be openly mocked by the Wheelnerds. Or call our voicemail: (801) 305-4677 Or, leave us a voicemail via Skype! Our skype ID is wheelnerds. Just go ahead, call, and leave us your story there! (We still read your emails, too, and will answer them on the show). If you got something really cool, shoot us a line and maybe we’ll talk to you live, too.
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