48 minutes | Jan 7, 2020

EP 45 - The Boys Are Back In Town ( with Steve & Dustin)

Oh boy, it's 2020! Here's an episode from when we were hungover after a Halloween Party. Remember 2019? Good times.  The theme of this episode is returning.  Steve went to Mexico, Dustin sick (he got better), and Craig went back to work. Talking points: Dysentery, tales from the streets, New Steve, Biking in New York, Biking in Mexico, Bike Stores, Holbox, Tulum, Mexico City, Podcast Magic, Bepis, The People's Vehicle, Steve's cool bike things in Mexico, Altitude Doping, Brendan Fraser, The 10th Kingdom, Craig's best crash, Dreichmere  Check out Dustin's music https://dreichmere.bandcamp.com/ Support the Patreon https://www.patreon.com/TheWheelFriends
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