86 minutes | Jan 10, 2021

WDYPTW: Board Game Arena - Opus Magnum aka December Releases

A sort of Patrick & Eric in the Morning episode - but this episode we invited on Charles from the Things of No Interest Blog to discuss the 31 games released on Board Game Arena during the month of December. 12/01: Thurn & Taxis, from Andreas Seyfarth & Karen Seyfarth, 2006 Spiel des Jahres 12/02: Welcome to… / Welcome to New Vegas, from Alexis Allard & Benoît Tupin 12/03: 99, public domain 12/04: Flaming Pyramids, designed by Norbert Abel 12/05: Small Islands, designed by Alexis Allard 12/06: Map Maker, designed by Louis Lafair, Joshua Lafair, Becca Lafair 12/07: Solo Whist, public domain 12/08: Kami, adapted from Goïta Shogi 12/09: Luxor, from Rüdiger Dorn, 2018 Spiel des Jahres nominee 12/10: Hungarian Tarokk, public domain 12/11: Cacao, from Phil Walker-Harding, 2015 Spiel des Jahres Recommended 12/12: Piraten Kapern, from Haim Shafir 12/13: Off the Rails, from Andrew Platt, Stuart Platt 12/14: Connect 6, from Professor I-Chen Wu 12/15: Spades, public domain 12/16: Saint Petersburg, from Bernd Brunnhofer, 2004 Spiel des Jahres Nominee 12/17: Cribbage, from Sir John Suckling 12/18: Yokai, from Julien Griffon 12/19: Quantik, from Nouri Khalifa, from Gigamic’s Classic game line 12/20: Nanga Parbat, from Steve Finn 12/21: Oh-Seven, from Alex Weldon 12/22: Bandido, from Martin Nedergaard Andersen 12/23: Concept, from Gaëtan Beaujannot & Alain Rivollet, 2014 SdJ Nominee 12/24: Haiclue, from Will Leaf 12/25: Via Magica, from Paolo Mori, reimplementation of Rise of Augustus 12/26: Martian Dice, from Scott Almes 12/27: Dungeon Roll, from Chris Darden 12/28: Con Sonar!, from Christian Boutin 12/29: Big Time Soccer, from Andrew S. Fischer 12/30: Forbidden Island, from Matt Leacock, 2011 Spiel des Jahres Nominee 12/31: Klaverjassen, public domain @BoardGameArena Patrick Hillier @overthehillier Eric Buscemi @EricBuscemi Charles Hasegwa @charleshasegawa
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