43 minutes | Feb 27, 2020

22 - Patrick and Eric in the Morning - 2019 review

This episode Patrick and Eric discuss favorite games played in 2019.  Recorded 2/2/2020 Dedication Patrick - 2019 and new to me Illusion - 2018 Circle the Wagons (2017) NTM Jamaica (NTM) Quacks (2018) Mall Madness (1989) Slide Quest (2019) Era (2019) Just One (2018) Horrified (2019) Patrick’s Game of the Year Honorable Mention Snail Sprint Wingspan Eric Copenhagen Exceed: Street Fighter Silver and Gold Point Salad Escape Plan Roam Taverns of Tiefenthal SHŌBU Tiny Towns  Cartographers Honorable Mention Lockup: A Roll Player Tale Quirky Circuits Megacity Oceania Granite Game Summit https://www.granitegamesummit.com/ @ericbuscemi @overthehillier www.punchboardmedia.com
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