21 minutes | Dec 1st 2020

Host Mike Hanson and Sr VP at Fisher Investments Naj Srinivas on being a Well-Read Investor

For this very special year end episode, we flipped the script. Mike sits down with Naj Srinivas, host of the Fisher Investments Market Insights podcast to talk about how the Well Read Investor works, and the literary life in general. I’ve known Naj for many years (you might recognize him from one of Fisher Investments’ frequently aired national TV ads), and we have a blast talking about strategies for more effective reading, how to select books, and a handful of other crazy topics including why you should learn about heroic mythology and why you shouldn’t worry about “remembering” everything you read (which is a waste of time). We’re throwing the kitchen sink at you’re here with bonus content from that discussion that gets even further into the wonky world of literary life. If you want to read more, and more effectively, listen up! Enjoy!
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