26 minutes | Nov 17th 2020

Demographer, Dr. Paul Morland on How Population Shapes our World

Today we have Dr. Paul Morland to discuss his book, The Human Tide: How Population Shaped the Modern World. Paul is associate research fellow at Birkbeck College, at the University of London, a business consultant, and a renowned authority on demography. The Human Tide is available widely on amazon and other online venues. Demographics are a timely topic right now given the global pandemic still gripping the world. Demographic trends unfold at what you’d call a “glacial” rate—very slowly, over generations. And that fact has led many to ignore the topic for investing. We’ve even said on this program stock markets really don’t price in events more than about 30 months into the future. So why look at Demographics at all? Think of it as a baseline awareness issue—a contextual issue. Not knowing the story of demographics can very much lead you to false assumptions about here and now. And that’s why we’ve brought Paul on to discuss. For a topic that unfolds in far longer stretches than it takes paint to dry, Paul is an energetic and lively thinker with great insights. We hope you enjoy!
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