59 minutes | Mar 29, 2019

Economic COLLAPSE, Big Oil Sellouts, Death Of Internet, Advancing AI police state, And More!

Well, it’s out on the day I said it’d be, at least… today, we talk everything in the title, drone strikes in Somalia, Google invading your local news, and so much more. Stick arouynd for a bad time. This season’s featured song is Sway, by Know Your Enemy – who graciously allowed me to use the song. It’s fucking criminal how unknown this band is. Go change that by liking their vid, subbing to their YT, and getting some merch if you really like it. So before you get into this, I must issue a dire warning, covered by Truthstream Media – listening to this podcast and consuming my media will increase the likelihood of you becoming a criminal! That’s right – a “New Study Claims Conspiracy Theorists More Likely to Become Criminals”, and “confirms” antisocial behavior is more likely if you buy any number of very specific things they went over. Well it’s like Lowkey said, “I’m not anti-America, America is anti-me”. Let’s find out why today So let’s hit the good news: Families in Ripon breathe relief as their residents, who protested a cell tower being placed on school grounds due to cancer cases that cropped up, saw victory when it was taken down. ““It’s been a very hard battle, a very hard battle. And I’m hoping we’ve reached the end of it,” mother Kellie Prime said. Now, these parents can breathe a sigh of relief after learning the cell tower outside of their sons’ former school, Weston Elementary, will soon be moved. Prime and Monica Ferrulli have been fighting for this since their sons, Kyle and Mason, were diagnosed with cancer. “Talking to specialists in the field, scientists, our own doctors,” Ferrulli explained. “All the information that we gathered indicated that that tower could be a factor in their illness.” While there is no proof that the tower had any impact on their cancer, these moms believe it did. Especially as more students and teachers fell ill. They say a total of eight were diagnosed in the past couple of years. “Having so many at one school in the district, with that tower being the one thing that sets Weston apart from the other schools, it’s the only thing we had to look into,” Prime said. After holding protests, and taking their concerns to the school board, Sprint now says it plans to move the cell tower.” Ripon Cell Tower to Be Removed From School Grounds; Mothers of Cancer Survivors Share Feelings of Relief And something similar happened at a school in South Africa. Protesters gathered and threatened to camp until a tower was removed. “After the residents objected strongly to the construction of the tower and threatened to camp at the site where the mast was erected until it is taken down, all workers and equipment were removed from the school.” https://risingsunchatsworth.co.za/131228/protest-leads-removal-cell-mast-school/ Similarly, in Ida Grove, Iowa, residents protested water fluoridation, and since, the council has halted the process… “In recent months, city leaders and residents debated whether fluoride in the water served as an effective means to reduce tooth decay or presented health risks to the public. About half of residents weighed in on the subject in a recent survey distributed through the city utility bills. A majority of respondents did not support continued fluoridation step, according to the city clerk’s office. In 1971 city officials started placing hydrofluorosilicic acid, most recently in liquid drops form, in the water supply for the Ida County city of 2,142. The council voted, 3-2, to end the practice, with councilmen Scott Tomlinson, Ryan Goodman and Gregor Ernst supporting the motion and councilmen Paul Cates and Doug Clough voting against it.” https://siouxcityjournal.com/news/local/govt-and-politics/ida-grove-ends-fluoride-treatment-of-water/article_58fbaaa8-6645-58ff-8436-08319a24d2f4.html And an Oregon bill would open gateways to marijuana being allowed into the banking sector. The bill allows the following: (a) To pay fees or taxes to a public body; (b) To pay rent on property that is leased by, or on behalf of, a cannabis business; (c) To pay a vendor that is physically located in Oregon for goods or services associated with a cannabis business; and (d) To purchase bonds issued by a public body. And Why is that necessary? “Because marijuana remains illegal under federal law, cannabis businesses in states that have legalized marijuana remain effectively locked out of the banking system. If a federally chartered or insured financial institution touches marijuana money, it takes on significant legal risk. The federal government insures or charters virtually every bank in the U.S. As a result, cannabis businesses have been forced to transact almost exclusively in cash. Passage of HB3169 would bypass the federal banking system and create a limited banking alternative for the marijuana industry in Oregon.” https://blog.tenthamendmentcenter.com/2019/03/oregon-bill-would-create-banking-alternative-for-cannabis-industry-bypass-federal-reserve/ Speaking of weed though, another story is relatively positive, “Canadian Man Fills Potholes and Gets Weed, Coffee, Cash From Grateful Locals”. I say relatively, because obviously authorities aren’t pleased. Especially since his sign said “I filled the potholes – pay me instead of your taxes”, he’s been threatened with action and saddled with liability, should accidents occur, even though according to him, “There was one story a couple of weeks ago where a car was driving through and it nailed one of the biggest potholes here and it ripped the axle right off the car.” So clearly the accidents would’ve happened regardless.” Canadian Man Fills Potholes and Gets Weed, Coffee, Cash From Grateful Locals And 61% of Americans now support legal weed, according to a General Social Survey poll. https://nordic.businessinsider.com/61-of-us-supports-legal-weed-2019-3?r=US&IR=T And in a different sort of green, the Senate has decided not to support the Green New Deal, with Dems agreeing to a “present” vote. https://cei.org/blog/senate-democratic-sponsors-green-new-deal-heroically-plan-vote-present And others have pulled their support in a different way – as reported by The Free Thought Project in an article entitled, “What Good Cops Look Like: Sheriff and All Deputies Quit to Protest ‘Unconstitutional’ Jail Conditions”, the sherriff of Nowata County, Oklahoma is resigning, along with almost all staff, over underfunded, dangerous, and deadly jail conditions. The article elaborates: “Barnett’s resignation in the face of injustice speaks volumes considering that her predecessor is likely the reason the jail is so strapped for funds in the first place. Sheriff Kenny Freeman was arrested last October for embezzlement. He was caught stealing supplies meant for schools in Nowata County. A shameful act indeed.” Here’s a letter Sheriff Barnett gave us. @KTULNews pic.twitter.com/R6h07gpEIF — Maureen Wurtz (@MaureenWurtzTV) March 18, 2019 What Good Cops Look Like: Sheriff and All Deputies Quit to Protest ‘Unconstitutional’ Jail Conditions And in a listener-submitted story, a judge ruled New York’s stun gun ban unconstitutional. From Central New York’s Spectrum News: “The decision came in a lawsuit filed by Matthew Avitabile, of Schoharie County, New York, who said he wanted to buy a stun gun for self-defense in his rural upstate home. His lawyers argued that New York’s longstanding ban on civilian ownership of stun guns violated the Second Amendment right to bear arms. U.S. District Judge David Hurd agreed. “New York’s sweeping prohibition on the possession and use of tasers and stun guns by all citizens for all purposes, even for self-defense in one’s own home, must be declared unconstitutional,” Hurd wrote in his decision.” @WeeklyHellscape A good news story in the world of weapons bans, a federal court ruled NY stun gun ban illegalhttps://t.co/xvJJtd1ra4 — NY Cynic (@CynicalinNY) March 27, 2019 https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/central-ny/news/2019/03/23/judge-says-new-york-s-stun-gun-ban-is-unconstitutional But that’s about it for good news. Let’s hit bad. As reported by Michael Snyder on Activist Post, “A Bond Market Indicator That Has Predicted Every Recession In The Last 50 Years Just Got Triggered” and “Just Before The Great Recession, Mountains Of Unsold Goods Piled Up In U.S. Warehouses – And Now It Is Happening Again”. “If the bond market is correct, the U.S. economy is definitely heading into a recession. Over the past 50 years, there have been six previous occasions when the yield on three-month Treasury bonds has risen above the yield on ten-year Treasury bonds, and in each of those instances a recession has followed. Now it has happened again, and this comes at a time when a whole host of other economic indicators are screaming that a recession is coming. Of course we have seen recession indicators triggered at other times in recent years, and the Federal Reserve was able to intervene and successfully extend this cycle on multiple occasions. But now that the global economy is clearly the weakest it has been since the last recession, have we finally reached a breaking point? Many on Wall Street are taking what happened at the end of last week extremely seriously.”   “When economic conditions initially begin to slow down, businesses continue to order goods like they normally would but those goods don’t sell as quickly as they previously did. As a result, inventory levels begin to rise, and that is precisely what is happening right now. In fact, the U.S. inventory to sal
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